Who We Are

A Hockey Apparel Brand celebrating and representing females who play the game and those that support them.
Our mission is to support females in Hockey. 
Join the movement, and our community of girls and women that are passionate, driven and strong.
VXXN was created out of a passion for the game and two dads/coaches who love to see the sport and athletes develop and grow. They also recognized a need, female hockey is the fastest growing sport in North America and while there are many lifestyle brands out there supporting hockey there was nothing just for girls and women. In June of 2019 the brand was born. The name is derived from Vixen which means female fox. A Fox symbolizes opportunity, playfulness, agility, cleverness, wisdom, beauty, curiosity and physical and mental responsiveness. All the qualities of our female players! To be a VXXN girl is to be all of the above. 
Wear with Pride, Play with Passion